adhaḥ down; BG 14.18
adhaḥ downwards; BG 15.1
adhaḥ downward; BG 15.2
adhaḥ downward; BG 15.2
upari adhaḥ from top to bottom; SB 1.5.18
adhaḥ downwards; SB 1.7.37
adhaḥ-vadanam downward face; SB 1.14.23
adhaḥ downwards; SB 2.5.36
adhaḥ on the earth; SB 3.1.19
adhaḥ-patantam gliding down; SB 3.1.41
adhaḥ underneath; SB 3.7.26
adhāḥ invested; SB 3.13.42
adhaḥ-mukhī with her face lowered; SB 3.14.33
adhaḥ adhaḥ down to the material world; SB 3.15.36
adhaḥ adhaḥ down to the material world; SB 3.15.36
adhaḥ-mukhī her head bent down; SB 3.23.50
adhaḥ downwards; SB 3.30.10
adhaḥ down; SB 4.25.45
adhaḥ down; SB 4.26.8
adhaḥ downward; SB 4.29.9
adhaḥ low; SB 4.29.30-31
adhaḥ adhaḥ downward; SB 5.17.6
adhaḥ adhaḥ downward; SB 5.17.6
adhaḥ-śirāḥ with his head downward; SB 5.26.28
adhaḥ bhuvaḥ downward to the hellish region; SB 6.2.31
adhaḥ down; SB 6.7.14
adhaḥ below; SB 6.8.34
adhāḥ received; SB 6.9.53
adhaḥ downward; SB 7.3.4
adhaḥ-mukham his face downward; SB 7.5.48
upari-adhaḥ up and down; SB 7.8.28
adhaḥ into hellish conditions of life; SB 7.15.21
adhaḥ ca and downward; SB 8.7.13
adhaḥ downward; SB 8.7.19
adhaḥ downward; SB 8.11.5
adhaḥ-svapnam lying down on the floor; SB 8.16.48
adhaḥ to a hellish condition of life; SB 8.21.33
adhaḥ tamaḥ downward into darkness or hell; SB 9.3.21
ādhāḥ allow; SB 9.18.30
adhaḥ down into material existence again; SB 10.2.32
adhaḥ-śayānasya who was put underneath the handcart; SB 10.7.7
adhaḥ down at the foot of Govardhana Hill; SB 10.13.31
adhaḥ-vasanam your lower garments; SB 10.22.19
adhaḥ beneath; SB 10.26.5
adhaḥ down; SB 10.52.12
adhaḥ downward; SB 10.60.23
adhaḥ down; SB 10.64.43
adhaḥ below; SB 10.70.44
adhaḥ down; SB 10.74.40
adhaḥ downwards; SB 10.89.37
adhaḥ down; SB 11.5.3
adhaḥ downward; SB 11.5.15
adhaḥ-mukham with eyes half closed, staring at the tip of the nose; SB 11.14.36-42
adhaḥ further down; SB 11.21.17
adhaḥ down; SB 11.23.24
adhaḥ below; SB 11.24.13
adhaḥ adhaḥ lower and lower; SB 11.25.21
adhaḥ adhaḥ lower and lower; SB 11.25.21
adhaḥ and below; SB 12.4.10
adhaḥ beneath; CC Adi 1.16
upari-adhaḥ up and down; CC Adi 5.18
adhaḥ beneath; CC Madhya 1.4
adhaḥ on the floor; CC Madhya 12.97
dakṣiṇa-adhaḥ the lower right; CC Madhya 20.222
vāma-adhaḥ the lower left hand; CC Madhya 20.222
adhaḥ downward into hellish conditions; CC Madhya 22.28
adhaḥ down; CC Madhya 22.30
adhaḥ downward into hellish conditions; CC Madhya 22.112
adhaḥ down; CC Madhya 24.131
adhaḥ down; CC Madhya 24.141
adhaḥ downward into hellish conditions; CC Madhya 24.142
upari adhaḥ up and down; CC Madhya 24.169
adhaḥ down; CC Madhya 25.32
adhaḥ beneath; CC Antya 1.6
adhaḥ-taṭa at the lower border; CC Antya 1.166
ūrdhva-adhaḥ upwards and downwards (the zenith and nadir); Bs 5.5