gṛha-ādiṣu home, etc.; BG 13.8-12
nara-ādiṣu in the midst of human beings; SB 1.2.34
sārathya-ādiṣu in becoming the chariot driver; SB 1.15.4
ādiṣu and in all such dealings; SB 1.15.19
ādiṣu relating to; SB 1.18.22
śrotavya-ādiṣu in all kinds of hearing; SB 2.1.1
ādiṣu and in everything in relation to them; SB 2.1.4
vibudha-ādiṣu amongst the demigods; SB 3.9.19
kalpa-ādiṣu in different millenniums; SB 3.10.30
kṛta-ādiṣu in the Satya-yuga; SB 3.11.19
ādiṣu and so on; SB 3.27.14
sarga-ādiṣu in the matter of creation and so on; SB 3.29.44
śiraḥ-pāṇi-ādiṣu between the head and the hands and other parts of the body; SB 4.7.53
krīḍana-ādiṣu to sports and frivolities; SB 4.8.27
ādiṣu beginning with; SB 4.8.56
dharma-ādiṣu regarding spiritual life and economic development; SB 4.8.59-60
ādiṣu etc.; SB 4.19.24-25
ādiṣu and so on; SB 5.1.4
jambū-ādiṣu beginning with Jambū; SB 5.1.33
ādiṣu and so on; SB 5.3.12
ādiṣu and so on; SB 5.5.30
āśana-ādiṣu while eating and so on; SB 5.8.11
sarga-ādiṣu of the creation, maintenance and destruction; SB 5.19.12
plakṣa-ādiṣu in the islands headed by Plakṣa; SB 5.20.6
makara-ādiṣu headed by the sign Makara (Capricorn); SB 5.21.3
vṛṣabha-ādiṣu headed by Vṛṣabha (Taurus) and Mithuna (Gemini); SB 5.21.4
vṛścika-ādiṣu headed by Vṛścika (Scorpio); SB 5.21.5
vasanta-ādiṣu headed by spring; SB 5.22.3
indra-ādiṣu even among the demigods like the King of heaven; SB 5.24.18
praskhalana-ādiṣu stumbling and so on; SB 5.24.20
śūla-sūtra-ādiṣu on a lance, thread, and so on; SB 5.26.32
śūla-ādiṣu on lances and so on; SB 5.26.32
guha-ādiṣu and in caves; SB 5.26.34
āji-mukha-ādiṣu on the war front and so on; SB 6.8.14
sthāvara-ādiṣu beginning with the nonmoving forms of life, the trees and plants; SB 7.6.20-23
niṣeka-ādiṣu beginning from the happiness derived from sex life; SB 7.7.46
ātma-ja-ādiṣu as well as in children; SB 7.14.3-4
martya-ādiṣu through ordinary human beings and other living entities; SB 7.14.18
tretā-ādiṣu beginning from Tretā-yuga; SB 7.14.39
traipiṣṭapeya-ādiṣu and among the demigods; SB 8.8.19
deha-ātma-ja-ādiṣu for the sake of one's personal body or family, etc., with reference to the body; SB 8.9.29
asura-ādiṣu beginning with the asuras; SB 8.16.14
ādiṣu and so on; SB 8.16.56
dharā-ādiṣu in giving the land to the brāhmaṇa; SB 8.20.7
hareḥ mandira-mārjana-ādiṣu in activities like cleansing the temple of Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 9.4.18-20
ambara-ādiṣu in such dresses and ornaments; SB 9.4.27
gṛha-ādiṣu in hearth and home, etc.; SB 9.8.25
ādiṣu and so on; SB 9.11.27
caitraratha-ādiṣu in the best gardens, like Caitraratha; SB 9.14.24
pura-grāma-vraja-ādiṣu in all the towns, villages and pasturing grounds; SB 10.4.31
pura-grāma-vraja-ādiṣu in towns, cities and villages here and there; SB 10.6.2
ādiṣu and so on; SB 10.14.51
śarīra-ādiṣu focused upon the material body and other external objects; SB 10.20.39
ādiṣu and so on; SB 10.30.3
ādiṣu and so on; SB 10.40.24
prahvaṇa-ādiṣu (engaged) in bowing down and so forth; SB 10.47.66
ādiṣu and so on; SB 10.63.40
gṛha-ādiṣu among the residences, etc.; SB 10.69.36
kalatra-ādiṣu in wife and so on; SB 10.84.13
anvaya-ādiṣu and in connection with progeny and other related things; SB 10.85.17
anna-maya-ādiṣu among the manifestations known as anna-maya and so on; SB 10.87.17
brāhmaṇa-ādiṣu beginning with the brāhmaṇas; SB 10.89.64
kṛta-ādiṣu of Satya and the other earlier ages; SB 11.5.38-40
ādiṣu and other activities; SB 11.6.45
sattva-ādiṣu the mode of goodness, etc.; SB 11.9.17-18
ādiṣu and so on; SB 11.10.7
ādiṣu and so on; SB 11.11.11
pratimā-ādiṣu in the different Deity forms; SB 11.27.15
arcā-ādiṣu within the various Deities being worshiped; SB 11.27.24
arcā-ādiṣu in the Deity form and other manifestations of the Supreme Lord; SB 11.27.48
madhu-ādiṣu beginning with Madhu; SB 12.11.32
ādiṣu and so on; SB 12.12.54
prahvaṇa-ādiṣu bowing down to Him, etc; CC Adi 6.60
mathurā-ādiṣu and Mathurā, and so on; CC Madhya 20.401
śāstra-ādiṣu in the revealed scriptures; CC Madhya 22.68
mandira-mārjana-ādiṣu in cleansing the temple of Hari and similar other duties; CC Madhya 22.137-139
vraja-vāsi-jana-ādiṣu among the eternal inhabitants of Vṛndāvana; CC Madhya 22.154
giriśa-ādiṣu in demigods like Lord Śiva; CC Madhya 23.78
pūjā-ādiṣu for worship and so on; NBS 16
kathā-ādiṣu for narrations and so on; NBS 17