ananya-cetāḥ without deviation of the mind; BG 8.14
ananya-manasaḥ without deviation of the mind; BG 9.13
ananya-bhāk without deviation; BG 9.30
ananya-yogena by unalloyed devotional service; BG 13.8-12
ananya-gatau one who has no alternative for protection; SB 1.6.6
ca ananya-bhāvānām and of the exclusive devotees; SB 1.7.25
ananya no other; SB 1.8.13
ananya-viṣayā unalloyed; SB 1.8.42
ananya extraordinary; SB 1.14.21
ananya without deviation; SB 1.19.7
ananya absolutely; SB 2.2.18
ananya absolutely; SB 3.1.35
ananya-bhāvena without deviation from the thought; SB 3.5.19
ananya-dṛṣṭyā by nothing but devotional service; SB 3.13.49
ananya not by others; SB 3.15.45
ananya no other; SB 3.19.36
ananya-hetuṣu having no other cause; SB 3.27.30
ananya-bhāvena with equal vision; SB 3.28.42
ananya-vṛttyā unfailing; SB 4.7.38
ananya-bhāvā without attachment for others; SB 4.7.59
ananya-bhāve in an unflinching situation; SB 4.8.22
ananya-viṣayā firmly fixed without deviation; SB 4.23.10
avyavadhāna-ananya-bhakti-yogena by uninterrupted and unflinching devotional service; SB 5.18.7
ananya without any other; SB 5.19.20
ananya-bhāvena with devotion; SB 6.18.35
ananya-bhāvān devoted; SB 6.18.64
ananya by others; SB 8.1.16
ananya-rādhasaḥ for Rantideva, who was undeviating and desired nothing other than to serve the Supreme Lord; SB 9.21.17
ananya-nāthān especially for the cowherd boys, who did not know anyone except Kṛṣṇa; SB 10.12.27
ananya-bodhya-ātmatayā as self-manifested, without the help of any other illuminating agent; SB 10.14.6
ananya-gatim having no other goal or shelter (than Him); SB 10.16.23
ananya exclusive; SB 10.38.20
ananya-siddham not perfected by any other ornament (self-perfect); SB 10.44.14
ananya-bhāvānām who had exclusive love; SB 10.54.54
ananya having no other; SB 10.60.9
ananya no other; SB 10.60.27-28
ananya for no one else; SB 10.60.57
ananya of no one else; SB 10.69.45
ananya never as separate; SB 10.74.24
ananya by no one else; SB 10.78.31-32
ananya-bhāvena with exclusive devotion; SB 11.11.33
ananya-bhāk with no other object of worship; SB 11.18.44
ananya-śaraṇeṣu who have taken no other shelter; SB 11.29.4
ananya-hetuḥ the exclusive cause; SB 11.31.13
ananya placing nowhere else; SB 12.6.32
ananya-dhīḥ with undeviated attention; SB 12.12.59
ananya-bhāvāḥ those who are exclusively devoted; CC Adi 3.89
ananya-siddham not perfected by any other ornament (self-perfect); CC Adi 4.156
ananya-siddham not perfected by any other ornament (self-perfect); CC Madhya 21.112
ananya-mamatā having a sense of relationships with no others; CC Madhya 23.8
ananya-bhāvāḥ those who are exclusively devoted; CC Antya 3.92
ananya no other; CC Antya 9.74