antaḥ conclusion; BG 2.16
antaḥ-sukhaḥ happy from within; BG 5.24
antaḥ-ārāmaḥ actively enjoying within; BG 5.24
antaḥ-jyotiḥ aiming within; BG 5.24
antaḥ-ātmanā within himself; BG 6.47
antaḥ-sthāni within; BG 8.22
antaḥ limit; BG 10.19
antaḥ end; BG 10.20
antaḥ end; BG 10.32
antaḥ a limit; BG 10.40
antaḥ within; BG 11.24
antaḥ inside; BG 13.16
antaḥ end; BG 15.3-4
antaḥ within; BG 17.5-6
hṛdi antaḥ sthaḥ within one's heart; SB 1.2.17
antaḥ within; SB 1.2.31
antaḥ-caraḥ can penetrate into everyone's heart; SB 1.5.7
antaḥ within; SB 1.6.29
antaḥ in the transcendental world; SB 1.6.31
antaḥ within; SB 1.8.18
antaḥ-sadasi conference; SB 1.9.41
antaḥ-śvāsaḥ inhaling; SB 1.9.43
antaḥ within; SB 1.11.13
antaḥ out of sight; SB 1.12.11
sva-antaḥ-sthena having been situated in the heart; SB 1.13.10
antaḥ within; SB 1.17.34
antaḥ-karaṇam ego; SB 2.1.35
sva-deha-antaḥ within the body; SB 2.2.8
antaḥ within; SB 2.2.23
pavana-antaḥ within the air; SB 2.2.23
antaḥ-bhavāya unto He who resides within; SB 2.4.12
antaḥ-ātmanaḥ of the heart and soul; SB 2.4.16
antaḥ internally; SB 2.6.17
antaḥ within; SB 2.6.20
antaḥ-sarasi within the river; SB 2.7.15
antaḥ śarīre within the body; SB 2.10.15
antaḥ within; SB 2.10.23
antaḥ disappearance; SB 3.2.11
antaḥ-puram inside the house; SB 3.3.6
antaḥ-dadhate will disappear; SB 3.3.15
antaḥ within; SB 3.4.11
antaḥ-manasaḥ of the internal mind; SB 3.5.45
antaḥ within; SB 3.8.11
antaḥ-gataḥ internal; SB 3.8.13
antaḥ-jalam within the water; SB 3.8.19
tat antaḥ-hṛdaye in the heart; SB 3.8.22
antaḥ within; SB 3.9.12
antaḥ-jale within the water of devastation; SB 3.9.20
antaḥ within; SB 3.9.30
antaḥ-sparśāḥ slightly feeling within; SB 3.10.20
antaḥ within; SB 3.11.20
antaḥ within; SB 3.11.32
antaḥ to the end; SB 3.11.39
antaḥ-gatāḥ come together; SB 3.11.41
antaḥ-sthāḥ the set of letters so known (ya, ra, la and va); SB 3.12.47
antaḥ within; SB 3.14.50
antaḥ-jale in the midst of the water; SB 3.15.17
antaḥ-gataḥ entered within; SB 3.15.43
antaḥ in the interior; SB 3.17.9
antaḥ-khe in the middle of the sky; SB 3.19.14
antaḥ inside; SB 3.23.26
antaḥ-ātmakam the internal, subtle senses; SB 3.26.14
antaḥ within; SB 3.26.18
antaḥ-karaṇāt from the mind; SB 3.28.41
antaḥ within; SB 3.29.38
antaḥ-salile in the water; SB 3.33.2
antaḥ-puram within the private house; SB 4.8.63
antaḥ within; SB 4.9.6
antaḥ-puram female residential quarters; SB 4.12.16
antaḥ internally; SB 4.16.12
antaḥ-karaṇa mind, heart; SB 4.17.34
antaḥ-hṛdayāt from the core of the heart; SB 4.20.24
antaḥ-ātmanaḥ from the core of the heart; SB 4.22.20
antaḥ internal; SB 4.22.27
antaḥ-ātmane unto the Supersoul in everyone's heart; SB 4.24.35
antaḥ within; SB 4.24.40
antaḥ-agham dirty things; SB 4.24.52
kṛta-antaḥ invincible time; SB 4.24.56
antaḥ within; SB 4.24.58
antaḥ-karaṇa heart; SB 4.24.62
antaḥ within; SB 4.24.64
antaḥ-pura to his private home; SB 4.25.55
antaḥ-pura household; SB 4.26.14
antaḥ-puram private residence; SB 4.29.16
mat-antāḥ ending with me; SB 4.29.42-44
kṛta-antaḥ the superintendent of death; SB 4.29.54
antaḥ in the heart; SB 4.29.54
antaḥ within; SB 4.29.55
antaḥ within; SB 4.30.3
antaḥ-hṛdaye in the core of the heart; SB 4.30.29
antaḥ end; SB 4.30.31
antaḥ within; SB 5.1.27
antaḥ-hṛdaya-ākāśa-śarīre the Supersoul within the heart, as meditated on by yogīs; SB 5.7.7
antaḥ-bahiṣṭvam the quality of being first-class or last-class; SB 5.11.5
antaḥ-ātmā the mind; SB 5.11.6
antaḥ-ātmā whose mind and heart; SB 5.13.5
āntaḥ-bhūmyām within the earth; SB 5.16.7
antaḥ-praviṣṭā having entered the universe; SB 5.17.1
klidyamāna-antaḥ-hṛdayaḥ being softened within the core of his heart; SB 5.17.2
antaḥ in the core of the heart; SB 5.18.11
antaḥ within; SB 5.18.26
antaḥ-praviśya entering within; SB 5.20.28
antaḥ-vistāraḥ the distance inside Lokāloka Mountain; SB 5.20.42
antaḥ-bahiḥ-yogena by connection with the inner or outer circles; SB 5.23.3
antaḥ-hṛdayam in the core of the heart; SB 5.25.8
antaḥ internally; SB 5.26.14
antaḥ hṛdayāt from within the heart; SB 6.1.31
antaḥ-hṛdi within the core of the heart; SB 6.3.16
antaḥ-samudrāt from within the ocean; SB 6.4.4
antaḥ deheṣu within the bodies (in the cores of the hearts); SB 6.4.13
antaḥ-hṛdi within the core of the heart; SB 6.4.27-28
antaḥ internally; SB 6.8.34
antaḥ within the cores of our hearts; SB 6.9.41
antaḥ-hṛdayeṣu in the cores of the hearts; SB 6.9.42
antaḥ within his heart; SB 6.13.15
antaḥ internally; SB 6.14.23
antaḥ within; SB 6.16.23
antaḥ-ātmā the Supersoul within the core of the heart; SB 7.3.30
antaḥ inside (the palace or home); SB 7.3.36
antaḥ-sabhāyām within the jurisdiction of the great assembly; SB 7.8.16
yuga-antaḥ the end of the millennium; SB 7.8.41
tat-antāḥ the ultimate goal of such activities; SB 7.15.28
antaḥ internally; SB 7.15.57
antaḥ internally; SB 8.3.25
antaḥ-sarasi in the water; SB 8.3.32
bahiḥ-antaḥ-āviḥ although fully aware, internally and externally; SB 8.5.31
antaḥ-samudre within the depths of the ocean; SB 8.5.35
antaḥ end; SB 8.6.10
bahiḥ-antaḥ-ātman O Supersoul of everyone, O constant internal and external witness; SB 8.6.14
antaḥ-adhīyata disappeared; SB 8.17.21
antaḥ the cause of dissolution; SB 8.17.27
antaḥ patitam fallen within the water; SB 8.17.27
antaḥ-samudre in the depths of the ocean; SB 9.3.28
kṛta-antaḥ a devastating war; SB 9.6.13
yamunā-antaḥ-jale in the deep water of the River Yamunā; SB 9.6.39-40
antaḥ-jale in the depths of the water; SB 9.6.50
antaḥ-hṛdayam within the core of the heart; SB 9.11.6
niṣṭha-antaḥ the end of the dynasty; SB 9.12.15
sumitra-antaḥ Sumitra being the last king of this dynasty; SB 9.12.16
antaḥ-vatnyām pregnant; SB 9.20.36
antaḥ-sthitaḥ staying among them; SB 9.21.12
antaḥ-samuttha-kalinā by creating enmity between the brothers by disagreement; SB 9.24.67
antaḥ bahiḥ inside and outside; SB 10.1.4
vatsara-antaḥ up to the limit of a year; SB 10.3.26
bahiḥ-antaḥ-pura-dvāraḥ the doors inside and outside the house; SB 10.4.1
antaḥ-vraje within the inside of Vraja, in the house of Nanda Mahārāja; SB 10.8.24
antaḥ-nihita about the contents of the pot; SB 10.8.30
antaḥ interior; SB 10.9.13-14
bahiḥ ca antaḥ the external and the internal; SB 10.9.13-14
antaḥ within; SB 10.10.4
yat-antaḥ the end of the life of Aghāsura; SB 10.12.13
darī-ānana-antaḥ whose mouth was expanded very widely like a mountain cave; SB 10.12.17
dhvānta-antaḥ-āsyaḥ within whose mouth the atmosphere was as dark as possible; SB 10.12.17
eṣām antaḥ-gatam on the inside of the mountains; SB 10.12.22
antaḥ-ānanam the inside of the mouth; SB 10.12.22
antaḥ-āmiṣa-gandha-vat is like the fleshy smell coming out from within; SB 10.12.23
antaḥ-ańge within the body; SB 10.12.31
antaḥ-āhitā placing within the core of the heart, somehow or other; SB 10.12.39
antaḥ-gataḥ He is always present within the core of the heart; SB 10.12.39
antaḥ-vane within the deep forest; SB 10.13.12
antaḥ-vipine within the forest; SB 10.13.17
antaḥ-ātmabhiḥ with mind and senses; SB 10.14.6
antaḥ within; SB 10.14.16
antaḥ-bhave within the body; SB 10.14.28
antaḥ-jale within the water; SB 10.16.2
antaḥ within; SB 10.16.19
antaḥ within; SB 10.23.23
sūpa-antāḥ ending with liquid vegetable preparations; SB 10.24.26
antaḥ-gṛha within their homes; SB 10.29.9
antaḥ-ātma of the inner consciousness; SB 10.31.4
antaḥ within; SB 10.32.14
antaḥ within; SB 10.33.35
antaḥ inside; SB 10.38.18
antaḥ within; SB 10.45.40
antaḥ within; SB 10.46.36
antaḥ as its conclusion; SB 10.47.33
samudra-antāḥ leading to the ocean; SB 10.47.33
antaḥ within; SB 10.50.49
antaḥ-pura the women's quarters of the palace; SB 10.52.42
antaḥ-pura within the inner palace; SB 10.53.28
antaḥ-purāt from the inner palace; SB 10.53.39
antaḥ-pura the inner palace; SB 10.55.26
kṛṣṇa-antaḥ-pura of Lord Kṛṣṇa's personal residence; SB 10.55.37
antaḥ-gṛhe private part of the palace; SB 10.60.3-6
antaḥ within; SB 10.60.35
antaḥ inside; SB 10.60.45
antaḥ within; SB 10.66.38
antaḥ-puram the private royal precinct; SB 10.69.7-8
antaḥ-pura of the royal precincts; SB 10.69.36
antaḥ-pura and in the palace; SB 10.70.12
antaḥ-pura of the palace; SB 10.70.16
antaḥ-pura of the imperial precinct; SB 10.71.37
antaḥ-pure within the palace; SB 10.75.31
antaḥ-pura of the royal palace; SB 10.80.24
antaḥ inwardly; SB 10.81.21-23
antaḥ the end; SB 10.82.45
antaḥ the limit; SB 10.84.21
antaḥ within; SB 10.86.46
antaḥ as its end; SB 10.86.49
antaḥ within; SB 11.1.4
antaḥ hṛdi within the heart; SB 11.6.7
antāḥ ending with; SB 11.7.48
antaḥ within; SB 11.10.9
antaḥ-stham situated within the body; SB 11.14.36-42
antaḥ internally; SB 11.15.36
antaḥ and internal; SB 11.22.42
antāḥ their aim; SB 11.23.45
antaḥ the end; SB 11.24.17
antaḥ the end; SB 11.24.18
sthiti-antaḥ until the end of its maintenance; SB 11.24.20
antaḥ any end; SB 11.27.6
antaḥ situated within; SB 11.28.16
antaḥ within; SB 11.29.6
antaḥ internally; SB 11.29.12
antaḥ within; SB 11.29.47
antaḥ-ātmā the mind; SB 12.3.48
antaḥ-hṛdayeṣu within the recesses of their hearts; SB 12.6.67
antaḥ-yāmī the indwelling lord; SB 12.6.69
antaḥ-ātmana with his introspective mind; SB 12.8.13
antaḥ internally; SB 12.9.13
antaḥ śarīram within the body; SB 12.9.27
antaḥ-yāmī indwelling Lord; CC Adi 1.3
antaḥ within; CC Adi 1.48
sva-antaḥ-sthena being situated in their hearts; CC Adi 1.63
antaḥ-yāmī indwelling Lord ; CC Adi 2.5
ātmā antaḥ-yāmī in-dwelling Supersoul; CC Adi 2.18
antaḥ yāmī the Supersoul; CC Adi 2.50
antaḥ-yāmī Supersoul; CC Adi 2.51
antaḥ-ańgā internal; CC Adi 2.101
antaḥ-yāmī indwelling Supersoul; CC Adi 3.70
antaḥ internally; CC Adi 3.81
antaḥ-ātmā-rūpe in the form of the Supersoul; CC Adi 5.85
antaḥ-yāmī the Supersoul; CC Adi 5.106
antaḥ-yāmī the Supersoul; CC Adi 5.112
antaḥ within; CC Madhya 1.76
antaḥ within herself; CC Madhya 1.211
sva-antaḥ-sthena being situated in their hearts; CC Madhya 10.12
bhava-arṇava-antaḥ within the ocean of nescience; CC Madhya 11.151
antaḥ internally, or not manifested; CC Madhya 14.180
antaḥ-gataḥ entered; CC Madhya 17.142
antaḥ-karaṇa-saraṇī-pānthatām a traveler on the path of the heart; CC Madhya 19.165
sva-antaḥ-sthena situated within their hearts; CC Madhya 20.57
antaḥ-pura the internal abode; CC Madhya 21.43
antaḥ within; CC Madhya 22.48
pañjara-antaḥ inside a cage; CC Madhya 22.91
masṛṇita-sva-antaḥ which makes the heart soft; CC Madhya 23.7
antaḥ-gataḥ entered; CC Madhya 24.45
antaḥ-gataḥ entered within; CC Madhya 24.115
sva-deha-antaḥ within one's own body; CC Madhya 24.156
antaḥ-bhakti-rasena by the mellows of inner love of Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 24.348
antaḥ-gataḥ entered; CC Madhya 25.158
antaḥ within; CC Antya 1.79
antaḥ within; CC Antya 1.114
antaḥ inner; CC Antya 1.139
gṛha-antaḥ khelantyaḥ who were engaged in childish play within the house; CC Antya 1.153
antaḥ-kleśa-kalańkitāḥ polluted by inner miserable conditions that continue even after death; CC Antya 1.154
antaḥ-karaṇa-kuhare in the core of the heart; CC Antya 3.62
antaḥ-ańgam one of His personal associates; CC Antya 6.1
bhuja-antaḥ end of the arm; CC Antya 16.87
antaḥ-daśā internal condition; CC Antya 18.77
antaḥ-daśāra of the internal condition; CC Antya 18.78
antaḥ-vāṇībhiḥ by persons well versed in the śāstras; CC Antya 19.105
yat-antaḥ within whom; Bs 5.35
antaḥ within; Iso 5
antaḥ inner; MM 15