citra-dhātu valuable minerals like gold, silver and copper; SB 1.6.12
sva-dhātu forming elements; SB 2.7.49
dhātu-malam refuse of eatables; SB 2.10.27
nānā-dhātu-vicitritaiḥ decorated with various minerals; SB 4.6.10
dhātu elements; SB 4.29.18-20
dhātu and minerals; SB 8.2.2-3
dhātu colored minerals; SB 10.5.7
vana-dhātu and forest minerals; SB 10.14.47
dhātu and colored minerals; SB 10.18.9
dhātu colored minerals; SB 10.23.22
dhātu with colored minerals; SB 10.35.6-7
dhātu of the material elements; SB 11.3.8
dhātu-jam due to the taint of other metals; SB 12.3.47
dhātu-pātra upari on a metal plate; CC Madhya 3.42
giri-dhātu some minerals from the hills; CC Madhya 14.204