gandha fragrances; BG 11.10-11
gandha-jalaiḥ scented water; SB 1.11.14
gandha-vahaḥ smelling odor; SB 2.10.20
gandha smell; SB 3.5.36
gandha-ādīni smell and so on (taste, color, touch and sound); SB 3.26.12
gandha-mātram the subtle element odor; SB 3.26.44
gandha-gaḥ which perceives aromas; SB 3.26.44
gandha-vidaḥ those perceiving smell; SB 3.29.29
gandha-mādanam to the Gandhamādana Hill; SB 4.1.58
gandha the aroma; SB 4.29.54
gandha-mādana of the planet where the Gandhamādana Hill is found; SB 5.1.8
gandha smell; SB 5.11.10
mālyavad-gandha-mādanau the demarcation mountains of Mālyavān on the west and Gandhamādana on the east; SB 5.16.10
gandha sandalwood; SB 6.18.53
gandha scents; SB 6.19.7
gandha sandalwood; SB 6.19.19-20
gandha-lepa smearing the body with scented ointment; SB 7.12.12
yat-gandha-mātrāt simply by the scent of that elephant; SB 8.2.21
gandha-mālya-ādyaiḥ with incense, flower garlands, etc.; SB 8.16.39
gandha fragrance; SB 8.16.39
divya-gandha-anulepanaiḥ by many kinds of pulp, like sandalwood and aguru, to smear upon the body of Lord Vāmanadeva; SB 8.21.6-7
gandha-mālya with fragrant flower garlands; SB 9.4.31-32
gandha-udaiḥ with perfumed water; SB 9.11.26
gandha-vastuṣu in things very fragrant; SB 9.13.7
puṇya-gandha-vahaḥ which was full of fragrance; SB summary
antaḥ-āmiṣa-gandha-vat is like the fleshy smell coming out from within; SB 10.12.23
saraḥ-gandha by the aroma of the lotus flower; SB 10.13.5
gandha by the fragrance; SB 10.15.26
gandha and fragrances; SB 10.15.45
gandha with scents; SB 10.16.65-67
gandha fragrances; SB 10.17.13-14
gandha by their fragrance; SB 10.22.34
gandha with the fragrance; SB 10.33.24
gandha by the fragrance; SB 10.34.22
gandha whose fragrance; SB 10.35.8-11
gandha having the fragrance; SB 10.35.18-19
gandha with fragrant substances; SB 10.38.28-33
gandha with perfume; SB 10.38.40
gandha having the aroma; SB 10.47.60
gandha perfume; SB 10.48.5
gandha fragrant sandalwood paste; SB 10.48.15-16
gandha fragrant substances such as sandalwood paste; SB 10.53.8-9
gandha fragrances; SB 10.53.42-43
gandha fragrant substances; SB 10.53.47-48
gandha the smell; SB 10.58.33
gandha fragrance; SB 10.59.40
gandha (offering) fragrant substances; SB 10.59.45
gandha (offering) fragrant substances; SB 10.61.6
gandha fragrances; SB 10.62.23-24
gandha (bearing) the fragrance; SB 10.65.18
gandha fragrant; SB 10.71.31-32
gandha with sandalwood paste; SB 10.75.14
gandha-uda perfumed water; SB 10.75.15
gandha by the fragrance; SB 10.83.41-42
gandha with fragrant (sandalwood) paste; SB 10.86.27-29
gandha with the fragrance; SB 10.89.20
gandhā of its quality of aroma; SB 11.3.13
gandha with fragrances; SB 11.3.52-53
gandha fragrances; SB 11.6.46
gandha-mātram the perception of aroma; SB 11.16.33
gandha the bad smell; SB 11.21.13
gandha-lepanaiḥ and smearing of fragrant oils; SB 11.27.32
gandha having the fragrance; SB 12.2.21
gandha-guṇam the perceptible quality of fragrance; SB 12.4.14
grasta-gandhā deprived of its fragrance; SB 12.4.14
gandha perfumed oil; SB 12.10.15
māyā-gandha connection with māyā; CC Adi 2.52
gandha-hīna without a trace; CC Adi 3.96
bhakti-gandha a trace of devotional service; CC Adi 3.97
gandha fragrance; CC Adi 4.97
kāma-gandha the slightest bit of lust; CC Adi 4.172
kāma-gandha-hīna without a trace of lust; CC Adi 4.197
kāma-gandha-hīna without any scent of lust; CC Adi 4.209
su-gandha sweet-smelling; CC Adi 4.245
gandha flavor; CC Adi 4.245
gandha fragrance; CC Adi 4.253
sparśa-gandha even the slightest contact; CC Adi 5.86
māyā-gandha contamination of the material world; CC Adi 7.139
tat-gandha the aroma of the lotus flower; CC Adi 10.1
gandha fragrances; CC Madhya 1.159
gandha the aroma; CC Madhya 2.33
śuddha-prema-gandha a scent of pure devotional love; CC Madhya 2.46
śańkha-gandha-udake in water scented with flowers and sandalwood pulp and kept within a conchshell; CC Madhya 4.62
gandha scents; CC Madhya 4.100
gandha the fragrance; CC Madhya 4.192
gandha having the aroma; CC Madhya 8.80
gandha having the fragrance; CC Madhya 8.232
gandha having the aroma; CC Madhya 9.121
gandha fragrance; CC Madhya 9.289
gandha sandalwood pulp; CC Madhya 11.132
gandha scents; CC Madhya 15.90
gandha scented substances like sandalwood pulp; CC Madhya 15.237
kāhāń nāhi gandha there is no possibility of even a scent; CC Madhya 17.173
gandha scents; CC Madhya 19.87
mamatā-gandha-hīna not even the smallest quantity of intimacy; CC Madhya 19.218
gandha scents; CC Madhya 22.123
gandha by the wonderful fragrance of Her body; CC Madhya 23.87-91
gandha of incense or scents; CC Madhya 24.337
catuḥsama-gandha the smell of catuḥsama, a mixture of sandalwood pulp, camphor, aguru and musk; CC Antya 4.197
gandha haila there was a fragrance; CC Antya 4.198
gandha the fragrance; CC Antya 6.136
gandha having the aroma; CC Antya 7.29
kāma-gandha-hīna without a scent of material lust; CC Antya 7.39
gandha-dravya diyā mixing with aromatic agents; CC Antya 10.35
taila-gandha the scent of the oil; CC Antya 12.114
gandha śabda paraśa aroma, sound and touch; CC Antya 14.49
kṛṣṇa-ańga-gandha the aroma of Kṛṣṇa's body; CC Antya 15.43
ańga-gandha bodily fragrance; CC Antya 15.46
gandha fragrance; CC Antya 16.79
gandha fragrance; CC Antya 16.110
gandha fragrance; CC Antya 16.113
gandha scented; CC Antya 18.100
gandha-puṣpa-alańkāra scented flowers and ornaments; CC Antya 18.101
puṣpa-gandha the fragrance of the flowers; CC Antya 19.81
sei gandha pāñā getting that aroma; CC Antya 19.88
gandha āsvādite to relish the fragrance; CC Antya 19.89
kṛṣṇa-gandha the scent of the body of Kṛṣṇa; CC Antya 19.90
śaśi-yuta-abja-gandha-prathaḥ who distributes the scent of the lotus mixed with camphor; CC Antya 19.91
gandha the scent; CC Antya 19.92
kṛṣṇa-gandha the fragrance of the body of Kṛṣṇa; CC Antya 19.93
sei gandha that fragrance; CC Antya 19.94
gandha scent; CC Antya 19.95
kṛṣṇa-ańga-gandha the scent of Kṛṣṇa's body; CC Antya 19.96
gandha-vaśa under the control of the fragrance; CC Antya 19.97
gandha the scent; CC Antya 19.98
gandha diyā delivering the scent; CC Antya 19.98
gandha-mātra pāya gets only the scent; CC Antya 19.99
kṛṣṇa-gandha of Lord Kṛṣṇa's fragrance; CC Antya 19.101
prema-gandha even a scent of love of Godhead; CC Antya 20.28
nāhi gandha there is not even a scent; CC Antya 20.62