gṛha-ādiṣu home, etc.; BG 13.8-12
gṛha-medhinām of the householders; SB 1.4.8
gṛha-anupāgatam now returned home; SB 1.11.31
gṛha-pāla-vat like a household dog; SB 1.13.23
gṛha-pālaḥ the watchdog; SB 1.18.34
gṛha-medhinām of the householders; SB 1.19.39
gṛha-medhinām of persons too materially engrossed; SB 2.1.2
gṛha-medhaḥ attached to family life; SB 2.6.20
gṛha-īśvari O queen of the home; SB 3.14.21
gṛha-medha in married life; SB 3.21.15
gṛha-medhiṣu in the household; SB 3.22.11
gṛha home; SB 3.30.3
gṛha-pālaḥ a dog; SB 3.30.15
gṛha house; SB 3.31.41
gṛha house; SB 3.31.42
gṛha-medhīyān of the householders; SB 3.32.1
gṛha-medhinām of the materialistic householders; SB 3.32.4
gṛha-ārūḍha-cetase to one who is too attached to family life; SB 3.32.40
gṛha-udyānam the household garden; SB 3.33.18
gṛha home; SB 4.9.12
gṛha-medhinaḥ persons living at home; SB 4.13.43
gṛha to your home; SB 4.20.15
gṛha-medhinaḥ persons who are attached to family life; SB 4.22.10
gṛha-āśramaḥ householder life; SB 4.25.40
gṛha-medhinīm one who keeps her husband in material life; SB 4.26.13
gṛha-sampadaḥ all household paraphernalia; SB 4.26.15
gṛha home; SB 4.27.10
gṛha home; SB 4.28.16
gṛha-medhīyam of household responsibilities; SB 4.28.20
gṛha-āśramaḥ household life; SB 5.1.17
gṛha-patayaḥ and King Nābhi; SB 5.3.3
gṛha-medhinām of the householders; SB 5.4.8
gṛha by home; SB 5.5.8
gṛha-anubandhaḥ I who am bound by attachment to family life, or worldly life; SB 5.10.20
gṛha-medhi-saukhyam happiness within this material world; SB 5.11.3
gṛha in the material home; SB 5.14.2
gṛha-āśramaḥ family life; SB 5.14.4
gṛha-āśrama in householder life; SB 5.14.18
gṛha-ārambha to find a house or apartment; SB 5.14.28
gṛha-patayaḥ the heads of the households; SB 5.24.8
gṛha-uttamaiḥ with first-class houses; SB 5.24.9
gṛha-patiḥ a householder; SB 5.26.35
gṛha-medhinām although situated with a wife and children; SB 6.5.42
a-gṛha-sammatām who is not honored at home; SB 6.14.40
gṛha-andha-kūpāt from the dark well of family life; SB 6.16.15
gṛha-antike near the residence; SB 7.5.1
gṛha-vratānām of persons too addicted to the materialistic, bodily conception of life; SB 7.5.30
gṛha-medhinām who are interested in householder life; SB 7.5.51
gṛha-medhīya of household life; SB 7.5.54
gṛha the household; SB 7.11.26-27
gṛha-mūḍha-dhīḥ completely ignorant of the goal of life; SB 7.14.1
gṛha-medhī a person interested only in family life; SB 7.14.10
gṛha-pālāyate he becomes exactly like a household dog; SB 7.15.18
gṛha-medhīyaḥ although attached to household life; SB 7.15.74
gṛha home, community, society and nation; SB 8.3.18
gṛha-medhini O my wife, who are attached to household life; SB 8.16.5
gṛha the homes; SB 8.16.7
gṛha-anvitaḥ a person attached to household life; SB 8.16.9
gṛha-patiḥ the master of the household affairs, although guided by the priests; SB 8.20.1
gṛha-ādiṣu in hearth and home, etc.; SB 9.8.25
gṛha-medhīyam especially of persons situated in household life; SB 9.10.54
gṛha-cetasaḥ who are attached to materialistic household life; SB 9.11.17
deva-gṛha temples wherein deities are worshiped; SB 9.11.27
gṛha-patiḥ Mahārāja Nimi; SB 9.13.2
gṛha-pālāḥ all the inhabitants of the house, especially the doormen; SB 10.4.1
gṛha-antaraḥ everything within the house; SB 10.5.6
sa-gṛha-kupitaḥ He becomes angry at the residents of the house; SB 10.8.29
gṛha-kṛtyeṣu in discharging household affairs; SB 10.8.30
gṛha-dāsīṣu when all the maidservants of the household were otherwise engaged; SB 10.9.1-2
gṛha-kṛtyeṣu in engagement in household affairs; SB 10.9.22
gṛha homes; SB 10.14.51
gṛha-medhinaḥ the householders; SB 10.23.28
gṛha-abhidhān known as family life; SB 10.23.42
gṛha-īhayā with their household endeavors; SB 10.23.45
antaḥ-gṛha within their homes; SB 10.29.9
gṛha for home and family; SB 10.35.18-19
gṛha-medhinām who are attached to household ritual duties; SB 10.41.13
gṛha the home; SB 10.44.45
gṛha their homes; SB 10.47.18
gṛha by the residences; SB 10.50.50-53
gṛha of home; SB 10.51.46
gṛha to her family's residence; SB 10.52.23
gṛha of the residence; SB 10.59.40
gṛha-medhinām for worldly householders; SB 10.60.31
gṛha of the house; SB 10.60.54
gṛha-vān a householder; SB 10.60.59
gṛha-medhīyān of a pious householder; SB 10.60.59
gṛha home; SB 10.63.40
gṛha-ādiṣu among the residences, etc.; SB 10.69.36
gṛha-medhinām for householders; SB 10.69.41
gṛha of the household; SB 10.71.33
gṛha of the homes; SB 10.71.34
gṛha-medhinam from the religious householder; SB 10.72.17
gṛha-āśramī in the household order of life; SB 10.80.7
gṛha of the home; SB 10.81.21-23
gṛha of the residence; SB 10.83.11
gṛha in the home; SB 10.83.39
gṛha at home; SB 10.84.37
gṛha from the home; SB 10.85.45
gṛha-āśramī as a member of the regulated order of family life; SB 10.86.14
gṛha home; SB 10.86.27-29
gṛha his house; SB 10.86.40
gṛha of home; SB 10.86.42
gṛha-medhinām of those in the household order of life; SB 10.90.29
gṛha-āgatam who had come to his house; SB 11.2.3
gṛha with one's home; SB 11.3.19
gṛha homes; SB 11.5.18
gṛha-dharmiṇau attached householders; SB 11.7.54
gṛha-medhinam the materialistic householder; SB 11.7.72
gṛha related to domestic enjoyment; SB 11.8.16
gṛha-medhinām of those dedicated to material family life; SB 11.8.16
gṛha of a home; SB 11.9.15
gṛha home; SB 11.9.26
gṛha home; SB 11.10.7
mat-gṛha in My temple; SB 11.11.34-41
gṛha of the temple, which is My home; SB 11.11.34-41
gṛha-āśramaḥ married life; SB 11.17.14
gṛha household; SB 11.17.39
gṛha-medhīyaiḥ suitable for family life; SB 11.17.55
gṛha in his domestic situation; SB 11.17.58
gṛha-āśrame in family life; SB 11.25.8
gṛha-prāyeṣu just like materialistic homes; SB 12.2.12-16
gṛha house; CC Adi 4.65
gṛha-mārjanī keeper of the home; CC Adi 6.74
gṛha-dāsikāḥ the maidservants of the home; CC Adi 6.75
gṛha-parikara all counted in one family; CC Adi 10.9
gṛha-vāsa residing at home; CC Adi 13.10
gṛha-dharma activities of family life; CC Adi 15.25
gṛha-dharma duties of family life; CC Adi 15.26
gṛha-āśramāt from a householder's life; CC Adi 16.3
guṇḍicā-gṛha-sammārjana washing of the Guṇḍicā temple; CC Madhya 1.143
gṛha-karmasu in household affairs; CC Madhya 1.211
gṛha home; CC Madhya 3.203
gṛha the home; CC Madhya 6.65
gṛha-sahita with his house; CC Madhya 10.32
gṛha house; CC Madhya 10.55
kāśī-miśra-gṛha to the house of Kāśī Miśra; CC Madhya 11.125
vāsā-gṛha-sthāna residential places for staying; CC Madhya 11.172
gṛha-madhya within the home; CC Madhya 12.97
gṛha-madhya within the room; CC Madhya 12.100
gṛha room; CC Madhya 12.104
gṛha-patiḥ householder; CC Madhya 13.80
gṛha-piṇḍāya on a raised platform; CC Madhya 13.202
gṛha home; CC Madhya 18.90
gṛha-dharma household duties; CC Madhya 21.143
gṛha the house; CC Madhya 24.333
gṛha-antaḥ khelantyaḥ who were engaged in childish play within the house; CC Antya 1.153
nija-gṛha his own residence; CC Antya 3.99
gṛha-vitta all household possessions; CC Antya 3.139
ku-gṛha of contemptible family life; CC Antya 6.1
gṛha-ādi chāḍiyā giving up my relationship with home; CC Antya 6.130
gṛha-ādi home and so on; CC Antya 12.71
gṛha-ādi chāḍiyā leaving all relationships with home; CC Antya 13.118
gṛha in a residence; NBS 31-32