mṛga-indraiḥ with lions; SB 4.6.19-20
indraiḥ by the chiefs; SB 4.16.27
sura-indraiḥ by demigods; SB 4.30.6
danda-śūka-indraiḥ by the biting of the King's poisonous snakes; SB 7.5.43-44
sura-asura-indraiḥ by the leaders of the demons and the demigods; SB 8.7.10
daitya-indraiḥ by great heroes and kings born in demoniac families; SB 8.20.8
vipra-indraiḥ with the saintly brāhmaṇas; SB 8.24.42