nyasta-dhiyaḥ one who has given his mind unto Him; SB 1.10.11-12
nyasta-daṇḍa one who has accepted the rod of the renounced order; SB 1.13.30
nyasta given over; SB 1.19.17
nyasta-daṇḍāya unto the forgiving; SB 3.14.35
nyasta rested; SB 3.17.21
nyasta given up; SB 3.32.5
nyasta given up; SB 4.21.18
nyasta-daṇḍaḥ a sannyāsī; SB 5.13.15
nyasta-daṇḍāḥ persons who have given up envying others; SB 5.14.39
nyasta placed; SB 6.8.12
nyasta given up; SB 6.16.20
nyasta having given up; SB 7.4.37
nyasta having given up; SB 7.5.56-57
tat-nyasta being fully dedicated to Him (Lord Nṛsiṃhadeva); SB 7.9.7
nyasta had been given up; SB 8.21.11
nyasta-daṇḍa-arpita-ańghraye whose lotus feet are worshiped by sages beyond the jurisdiction of punishment; SB 9.11.7
nyasta-daṇḍaḥ having given up the weapons of a kṣatriya (the bow, arrows and axe); SB 9.16.26
nyasta-śastrāḥ being bereft of all weapons; SB 10.4.34
nyasta fixed; SB 10.16.11
nyasta placed; SB 10.30.27
nyasta pointing; SB 10.36.10
nyasta placing; SB 10.43.15
nyasta who have renounced; SB 10.60.39
nyasta fixed; SB 10.86.7
nyasta who have renounced; SB 10.88.25-26
nyasta who have given up; SB 10.89.14-17
nyasta giving up; SB 11.18.12
nyasta-ańgam having touched the Deity's various limbs with the chanting of appropriate mantras; SB 11.27.24
nyasta placed; CC Adi 5.224