śruta the Vedas; SB 1.2.12
śruta Vedic literatures; SB 1.5.40
śruta education; SB 1.8.26
śruta-dhāraṇāḥ those who have taken to the idea of the Lord by hearing about Him; SB 2.7.46
śruta-īkṣita seen through the ear; SB 3.9.11
śruta learning; SB 3.22.10
śruta-devasya the master of the Vedas; SB 3.25.2
śruta hearing; SB 3.27.21
śruta by hearing; SB 3.29.19
śruta-anubhāvam whose glories you have heard; SB 3.32.11
śruta-prāyam heard almost in full; SB 4.1.10
śruta-dhara-anvitaḥ along with his friend Śrutadhara; SB 4.25.50
śruta-dhara-anvitaḥ with his friend Śrutadhara; SB 4.25.51
śruta-dharāt by the companion named Śrutadhara; SB 4.29.13
śruta education; SB 4.31.21
śruta in education; SB 5.9.1-2
dṛṣṭa-śruta by experiencing personally through direct association, or by getting knowledge from the Vedas; SB 5.12.14
śruta-vindā Śrutavindā; SB 5.20.15
śruta-sampannaḥ well educated in Vedic knowledge; SB 6.1.56-57
śruta-pūrvaḥ heard before; SB 6.3.2
śruta and sound; SB 6.9.39
adṛṣṭa-śruta never seen or heard; SB 7.7.40
śruta knowledge from studying the Vedas; SB 7.9.9
śruta Vedic knowledge; SB 7.9.46
śruta-pūrvāya but who was heard about from the Vedas; SB 8.5.25
śruta and Vedic knowledge; SB 8.7.3
śruta education; SB 9.23.25
śruta Śruta; SB 9.24.52
śruta because of hearing; SB 10.23.20-21
śruta heard; SB 10.23.23
śruta heard; SB 10.27.3
śruta by hearing from scripture; SB 10.48.19
śruta what is heard; SB 10.52.20
śruta having heard of; SB 10.62.28
śruta well known; SB 10.64.14-15
śruta heard of; SB 10.86.23
śruta in hearing from the Vedas; SB 10.87.11
śruta upon what he had heard; SB 10.87.45
śruta heard about; SB 10.90.26
śruta hearing and obeying the injunctions of the Vedas; SB 11.6.9
śruta things invisible,, about which one only hears; SB 11.15.4-5
śruta and preliminary scriptural knowledge; SB 11.19.1
śruta being heard about; SB 12.12.48
śruta hearing of sacred scripture; SB 12.12.54
śruta heard; CC Adi 3.111
śruta-jñāḥ who are expert in Vedic knowledge; CC Madhya 24.120
śruta-dhāraṇāḥ ye persons advanced in the education of Vedic knowledge; CC Madhya 24.190