Canto 10: The Summum BonumChapter 72: The Slaying of the Demon Jarāsandha

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 10.72.35

maṇḍalāni vicitrāṇi

savyaḿ dakṣiṇam eva ca

caratoḥ śuśubhe yuddhaḿ

naṭayor iva rańgiṇoḥ


maṇḍalāni — arcs; vicitrāṇi — skillful; savyamto the left; dakṣiṇamto the right; eva ca — also; caratoḥ — of them who were moving; śuśubhe — appeared splendid; yuddham — the fight; naṭayoḥ — of actors; iva — like; rańgiṇoḥ — on a stage.


As they skillfully circled left and right, like actors dancing on a stage, the fight presented a magnificent spectacle.


Jarāsandha and Bhīma here demonstrate their expertise in the use of clubs. Thus it can be understood that both fighters were fearless and steady even in the rage of battle.

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