Canto 3: The Status QuoChapter 13: The Appearance of Lord Varāha

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.13.48

ya evam etāḿ hari-medhaso hareḥ

kathāḿ subhadrāḿ kathanīya-māyinaḥ

śṛṇvīta bhaktyā śravayeta vośatīḿ

janārdano 'syāśu hṛdi prasīdati


yaḥ — one who; evam — thus; etām — this; hari-medhasaḥ — who destroys the material existence of the devotee; hareḥ — of the Personality of Godhead; kathām — narration; su-bhadrām — auspicious; kathanīya — worthy to narrate; māyinaḥ — of the merciful by His internal potency; śṛṇvīta — hears; bhaktyāin devotion; śravayeta — also allows others to hear; — either; uśatīm — very pleasing; janārdanaḥ — the Lord; asya — his; āśu — very soon; hṛdi — within the heart; prasīdati — becomes very pleased.


If one hears and describes in a devotional service attitude this auspicious narration of Lord Boar, which is worthy of description, the Lord, who is within the heart of everyone, is very pleased.


In His various incarnations, the Lord appears, acts and leaves behind Him a narrative history which is as transcendental as He Himself. Every one of us is fond of hearing some wonderful narration, but most stories are neither auspicious nor worth hearing because they are of the inferior quality of material nature. Every living entity is of superior quality, spirit soul, and nothing material can be auspicious for him. Intelligent persons should therefore hear personally and cause others to hear the descriptive narrations of the Lord's activities, for that will destroy the pangs of material existence. Out of His causeless mercy only, the Lord comes to this earth and leaves behind His merciful activities so that the devotees may derive transcendental benefit.

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