uparate falling down; SB 1.13.34
uparate having disappeared; SB 3.4.30
upārate was resting; SB 3.16.30
uparate being dead; SB 4.14.39-40
pitari uparate after the death of the father; SB 5.9.8
uparate when killed; SB 5.24.25
uparate cease; SB 6.16.21
uparate upon being relieved of the kingdom; SB 9.6.11
uparate passed away; SB 9.17.14
uparate passed away; SB 9.20.23
uparate has desisted from material activities; SB 10.20.40
uparate when he passed away; SB 10.48.33
uparate having passed away; SB 10.49.17