vādinaḥ the advocates; BG 2.42-43
veda-vādinaḥ strict followers of the Vedic principles, or the so-called Vedāntists; SB 4.12.41
brahma-vādinaḥ the great sages learned in the Vedas; SB 4.14.2
brahma-vādinaḥ very learned in Vedic knowledge; SB 4.15.2
brahma-vādinaḥ by the experts in Vedic knowledge; SB 4.21.23
brahma-vādinaḥ brāhmaṇas, speakers on Vedic literature; SB 4.29.42-44
veda-vādinaḥ the followers of Vedic instructions; SB 7.5.13
vādinaḥ speaking; SB 7.5.39-40
brahma-vādinaḥ all faithful devotees; SB 8.1.20
brahma-vādinaḥ because such sages know the Vedic ritualistic ceremonies; SB 8.8.2
brahma-vādinaḥ of one who is well versed in Vedic knowledge; SB 9.9.31
iti vādinaḥ they spoke thus; SB 10.4.34
brahma-vādinaḥ who maintain the brahminical culture, centered around Viṣṇu; SB 10.4.40
vādinaḥ speaking, declaring; SB 10.11.30
vādinaḥ speaking; SB 10.18.30
brahma-vādinaḥ followers of the Vedic injunctions; SB 10.23.3
vādinaḥ fluent; SB 10.70.21
vādinaḥ expert authorities; SB 10.74.6
vādinaḥ expert authorities; SB 10.75.25-26
vādinaḥ saying; SB 10.78.29
āmnāya-vādinaḥ adopting various materialistic philosophies; SB 11.5.5
brahma-vādinaḥ seekers of the Absolute Truth; SB 11.5.25
brahma-vādinaḥ the learned sages who have explained the Vedic literature; SB 11.14.1
vādinaḥ saying; SB 11.23.36
vādinaḥ and speech; SB 12.1.41
iti vādinaḥ thus speaking; SB 12.3.8
sādhu-vādinaḥ speaking praise; SB 12.6.15