māna-yānaḥ so thinking; SB 3.1.16
vimāna-yānāḥ flying in their airplanes; SB 4.3.5-7
kāla-yānaḥ in due course of time; SB 4.24.65
sa-yānaḥ with his airplane; SB 8.11.12
kāma-yānāḥ who are impelled by lusty desire; SB 10.30.35-36
yānaḥ the vehicle; SB 10.41.10
yānāḥ whose acquisition of all desired objects; SB 10.44.15
yānaḥ whose passing; SB 10.46.8
kāma-yānāḥ who were desiring the company of Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 19.207-209