yoge in work without fruitive result; BG 2.39
janma-ṛkṣa-yoge at that time, there was also a conjunction of the moon with the auspicious constellation Rohiṇī; SB 10.7.4
adhyātma-yoge in that yoga system meant for realization of one's true self; SB 11.6.11
yoge in mystic yoga; SB 11.29.33
bhakti-yoge by devotional service; CC Adi 2.25
daiva-yoge accidentally; CC Adi 13.20
vicāra-yoge when accepted by intelligence; CC Madhya 6.142
amla-yoge in association with a sour substance; CC Madhya 20.309
bhakti-yoge by devotional service; CC Madhya 22.35